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I do belive I have returned

2012-10-18 05:05:08 by Sairex

Hey, guys, it's been too long!

I finally remembered that I have a Newgrounds account and I'm ready for voice-over work. I'll be making a new demoreel soon, but in the meantime, take a look at my old one.

Just drop me a PM, buddy!

High Quality Sound? I have it!

2009-10-08 15:13:50 by Sairex

So my AT 2020 mic finally arrived so I am accepting all voice acting requests for you animator types. If you don't know what the mic quality is like, then watch any flash with FatKidWithAJetpack's voice in it, he uses the same model.

Drop me a PM or comment here.


Pirate Contest Entry

2009-08-26 07:53:24 by Sairex

Hey guys, I've made an entry into the Talk Like a Pirate Contest! Check it out and tell me watcha think: /267321 I submitted a demo with my regular voice and I might do an accent one sometime soon.

Seriously, how much longer must I spam this site to get noticed?


If you are an animator looking for new flash ideas, I have one new and original concept in mind.

My VA demo reel is finally here!

2009-07-13 14:37:54 by Sairex

Sup, NG'ers!

Just wanted to say that I finally made a VA demo reel. Please listen, review, talk shit about it and PM me if you got any offers, death threats and mooore!

Voice Actor Looking For Work!

2009-06-17 17:51:05 by Sairex

Hello, Newgrounds.

I'm new here as a member, but I've been a big fan of all things NG related for years and have finally decided to participate in all the fun.

I provide my services as a voice actor to anyone that requires one. Though I won't be writing my vocal skills here, you can simply PM me with any questions/offers if you are interested. I will gladly give all information necassary for our collaboration.

Dmitry Krikun a.k.a Sairex.